Solo Exhibition
Curated by José Carlos Mariátegui and Elisa Arca. Guest curator Mark Paul Meyer
Nada Miami art Fair 2019. Booth 5.07. 80m2 Livia Benavides
05.12.2019 - 07.12.2019
Space Invader III (2019). Recycled street objects. Cut out and painted. Size: 100cmx95cmx45cm.
Huaquero de Museos
20.02.2019 - 02.06.2019
The exhibition "Huaquero de museos" (Museum ́s tomb raider) invites an active and deconstructing role in the experience of the museum visitor. From this approach of the artist, the condition of huaquero would entail an involuntary hero character: a liberator of spirits and relational concepts of the objects trapped in the authoritative narrative of the museum. His action invites us to rethink what is supposedly known from other perspectives, such as the projection of flat shadows, images and abstract presences, such as the Rorschach Test. In this way, the narrative chosen from this fiction seeks to check the gaze and the conventional consensus on the traditional museum. Thus Marco Pando proposes post-colonial research in visual arts, to the extent that it criticizes the preponderant narrative model in museums.
The selected pieces of art in this exhibition function as a channel to conceived the decolonization of territories and identities. This art- sections propose other forms of thought that allow the audience to imagine new social realities, new ways of understanding the subjectivity of the universe and an exploration of the territory and the perception of the "self". Extra Information:
26.09.2018 - 03.11.2018
HACHE is pleased to present LOS ESPÍRITUS RELOCALIZADOS [RELOCALIZED SPIRITS], a curatorial project by Sebastián Vidal Mackinson. The works by Santiago Contreras Soux (Bolivia), Juan Duque (Colombia), Patricio Gil Flood (Argentina), and Marco Pando (Peru) in the exhibition Los espíritus… put forth different visions of the topos of journey, territory, and leisure in the work of South American artists. The show lays out a relationship between history, landscape, vision, and gender while examining the plausibility of “peripheral” artists effectively tackling that relationship. Los espíritus… exhibits visual artifacts constructed by men that problematize the topics of the journey, the configuration of the landscape, and the notion of history as totalizing discourse, in which humor is a major factor. Extra information:
INVITATION show me your architecture #65 Marco Pando will be delighted to introduce you to his former as well as current projects: Wednesday, 18 July, 4 pm Meeting point: Studio 216
First Prize at the IX BCR-National Painting Contest-Lima
Languitecture at Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam
19.10.2017 - 29.10.2017
Cultural Conqueror-Lima
Solo at 80m2 Livia Benavides-Lima
Marco Pando: Antología de obras at BIM-Buenos Aires
03.11.2016 - 13.11.2016
The Migrant (Moving) Image – Transit: Centro di Permanenza Temporanea-Amsterdam
Strange Worlds-Modena
Parc Lima
22.04.2015 - 26.04.2015
Peruvian Contemporary Art Fair
La Galería 80m2 – Lima
12.06.2014 - 28.06.2014
Solo show: Back to the temple of the Sun: Making-of
Lima Independiente Film Festival
29.05.2014 - 07.06.2014
Screening 'Back to the temple of the Sun'
EYE film institute – Amsterdam
Screening 'The Boat' (2009-10)