Huaquero de Museos 20.02.2019 - 02.06.2019
  • The exhibition "Huaquero de museos" (Museum ́s tomb raider) invites an active and deconstructing role in the experience of the museum visitor. From this approach of the artist, the condition of huaquero would entail an involuntary hero character: a liberator of spirits and relational concepts of the objects trapped in the authoritative narrative of the museum. His action invites us to rethink what is supposedly known from other perspectives, such as the projection of flat shadows, images and abstract presences, such as the Rorschach Test. In this way, the narrative chosen from this fiction seeks to check the gaze and the conventional consensus on the traditional museum. Thus Marco Pando proposes post-colonial research in visual arts, to the extent that it criticizes the preponderant narrative model in museums.