Cine Peruano: expansión y contradicciones (2014)
El Auge de los Extremos
  • Peruvian Cinema: Expansion and contradictions

    The rise of extremes


    … Peruvian contemporary cinema that stand out for its expansion and vitality during the last years.

     …At the beginning of this year, …exhibited at the Rotterdam international film festival… melting the intimate story with the collective, searching about the local idiosyncrasy and the gaps which still open. The protagonist of Back to the temple of the Sun (Marco Pando)-presented in Rotterdam- followed the steps that toured Tintin in the comic book Temple of the Sun (adventure that Hergé located in Peru), underlining the adulterated image, exotic and full of topics that Occident projected about the country.


    Javier H. Estrada - Spanish Film critic

    Caimán Cuadernos de Cine (ex Cahiers of Spain). 30 Sep. 2014.