Other Shadows Embrace Mountains (2013)
Supported by Förderband Kulturinitiative Berlin e.V. and Funded by Berlin, Senat Chancellery-Cultural Affairs.
  • ‘Projection’ for Sigmund Freud is a mechanism of defense in which a person rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons outside world, something that brings ‘mental relief’.
 After Marco Pando visiting several historical museums in Berlin, like for instance: the Altes museum, Ethnologisches museum, Neues museum and so on.  He was trigger by the shadows behind the sculptures that are by coincident projected on walls and floors of those institutions. There are some sculptures that are illuminated with artificial lights and this kind of illumination creates a completely different aura compared to the archeological sites where those sculptures had been originally found. So he started to take photos of those shadows and at a later stage transfered those abstract shadows into silhouettes of cardboard.  For the viewer those new silhouettes-sculptures are a mental exercise to identify the original historical sculpture but also to project their fantasy by relating those shadows with persons or objects of the last century. The short film witness his walks trough the museums, carrying the shadows of the sculptures, mixing gods and exchanging silhouettes-sculptures from one museum in Berlin to another. Its is a visual contrast between archeological sites and their cultures: a silhouette-sculpture of a Greek god is placed in archeological museum site of Polynesia. We see those cutout silhouettes-sculptures moving through the city finding new locations and traveling through different histories and ages.