Spider. Biennale of the Movement Image, Buenos Aires (2016)
  • Exhibition views
    Where is located the 16mm projector, the viewer do not have access only can hear the sound of the machine.
    Only when the viewer reach the end of the dark corridor is possible to see the projection of ‘Spider’.
  • Drawing
    System card papers on canvas. Colour pencils. Size 112cm x 112cm.
  • https://vimeo.com/383141462


    The installation proposes to recreate the physical experience of cinema and film out-side its more usual context, the movie theater. In this sense the work allows the viewer to have a cinematic experience in a museum, changing the nature of the relationship between body, image and the space that both share.

    This is a recreation of my childhood, but as conceptual representation for the viewer. In a narrow passage within a structure of cinema space. On one side, at the end of the passage, a film is projected on a large screen. Turning around the corner, the viewer will suddenly stay in front of the large screen at a very short distance, making the filmed image almost tangible. The viewer will have accidental contact with the rough material due to the narrowness of the passage, though this physical contact stands in contrast to the soft and illuminated material of the actual screen canvas. This becomes especially evident when the viewer is in front of the screen and has to move as much back as possible in order to see the full image. The 16mm short film loop is a close-up of a hands walking slowly towards the viewer. The hand embodies the movement of a spider, creeping towards the viewer. Time: 5 min. 53 sec