8 Hours work (2008)
  • Poster
    Poster designed by Lisa Klabunde
  • Film
  • Shot with DVCAM and transferred to 16mm film. Time 10 min. Silent.

    In 2008 I made the video-performance called "8 Hours work" during a one-month residency in an abandoned apartment block (Plattenbau) in Hoyerswerda (East Germany), a former stronghold of the coal mining industry. As a manifestation of solidarity and remembrance, I perform
    a labors day by holding a carnation flower (Rote Nelke) for a period of eight hours.

    Since the outbreak of Covid-19, those ordinary jobs are more recognized for
    their huge impact on society. Former regular jobs are considered honorable, the workers heroes and “system relevance” goes from
    ordinary to extraordinary