• Excerpt
  • Film stills
  • Installation views
    Wasserspeicher Berlin
  • Transformers
    Studio Amsterdam
  • Shot with Canon EOS 5D MKII and projected on 16mm film loop. Time 7min. Silent.

    ‘Projection’ for Sigmund Freud is a mechanism of defense in which a person rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons outside world, something that brings ‘mental relief’. After visiting several historical museums in Berlin.  I was trigger by the shadows behind the sculptures that are by coincident projected on walls and floors of those institutions. This type of illumination creates a completely different aura compared to the archeological sites where those sculptures had been originally found. I started to take photos of those shadows and at a later stage transferred those abstract shadows into silhouettes of cardboard. The short film shows my walks from one museum in Berlin to another: carrying, mixing and exchanging silhouettes of different gods made with cardboard. With the joint of silhouettes of cardboard-gods I made 'Transformer'. A travel machine through different histories and ages.