Back to the temple of the Sun (2010-14)
  • Trailer
  • Film Stills
  • Drawings
    Snowy 2010 Pencil, watercolor, glue, tape, system cards on canvas 50cmx47cm
    Walk to the Sky2012 Pencil, ink, crayon, watercolor, oil paint, glue, tape, system cards on canvas 210cmx223cm
    Assimilation 2010 Pencil, ink, crayon, watercolor, oil paint, glue, tape, system cards on canvas 210cmx163cm
  • Making-of
  • Shot with 16mm Aaton camera and Lumix digital camera. Transfered to HD. Screen Format DCP. Time 63 min. Surround stereo. Original Language: Spanish with English subtitles.

    Back To The Temple Of The Sun is a travelogue set in the desserts, mountains and jungle of Peru. We are embarking on a cinematographic journey with the comic book hero Tintin. As always, Tintin is accompanied by his loyal friend Snowy. This time he is not a white terrier but a hairless Peruvian dog characterized as a portable pharmacy in the shape of a wooden trolley and a hot water bottle. Our Peruvian Tintin is also not a blonde, confident and young, daring detective but an anti-hero. A lone, naïve but sympathetic traveller, wandering through stunning landscapes, on a quest to discover his own contemporary Peru. He transforms the European view and the gathered local facts into new interpretations of old mystical tales. We see him carrying illuminating ice back to the glacier and he changes into a leopard in the jungle. Original footage from the animation film Tintin et le Temple du Soleil made by Belair Studios in 1969 is interwoven with images from the real Peru.


    Written and Directed by Marco Pando. Produced by Studio één / Karel Doing. Leading Role: Wilmar Pando. Executive Producers: José Luis Pando & Fernando Pando. Cinematography: Alexander Wuijts & Marco Pando. Music and Sound design: Lisa Premke. Editing & Art Direction: Marco Pando & Lisa Premke. Camera Assistant: Simone van Bennekom. Sound Assistant: Edwin Cavello Limas. Special FX & Colorist: André Bijma. Audio Mixing: DeBun Studio-Nico Bunnik. Singers: Cora Schmeiser Inga Schneider. This film is supported by The Netherlands Film Fund & Mondriaan Fund.