• Excerpt
  • Film stills
  • Drawings
    Story boardDrawing on paper. Water color. 30cmx20cm
    Story boardDrawing on paper. Water color. 20cmx10cm
  • Making-of
  • Installation
    80m2/Livia Benavides
  • Shot with an Aaton Camera 16mm. Year of production 2009-2010 Length: 9 min Screening format: 16mm film Aspect ration 4:3 Color. Silent

    Historically, the boat exemplifies the adventure of discovery of the unknown and lost paradise. Nowadays citizens from those places that have been discovered, travel by boats in the hope for freedom in countries of the “discoverers”. As a temporary Dutch citizen I developed a collaboration project with immigrants living in The Netherlands. From the shore of the Dutch sea, as a metaphor of the discoverer’s journey and the journey of those who were discovered, the immigrants performed a walk in a shape of a boat through the city of Amsterdam and back to the sea. The narrow streets and main squares of Amsterdam represent the historical stage of past and present.


    Written and Directed by Marco Pando. Producer: Fonds BKVB, Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst, Filmmuseum Amsterdam. Camera Man: Rolf Dekens & Luuk Zonnenberg. Production assistant: Lisa Premke. Location Crew: Carl Schröder & Todd Sparks. Editing: Marco Pando&Michiel de Wit. Cast: Marcone da Cruz Pereira, Paulo Noé Chávez Cisneros, Bruno Cesar Jamil Ismail, Van Canh Vo, Adrian Ayala Sierra, M.Thiam, Enrique Laos Santana, Rubén Lanzieri, Bonaventure Fohtung, Rizky Anwar Sadat, Diego Brito