Tourist Hitchcock (2003)
  • Film Stills
  • Drawings on 35 Film
  • Drawing on film and found footage.

    In the animation, Alfred Hitchcock appears as an assassin of Marco Pando in the streets of Cajamarca. The weapon of the “serial Killer Hitch” is the blade, the instrument that the artist Pando uses for scratching on film. Hitchcock wanders around in a virtual postcard from Lima and visits historical and political locations that have psychological impact on the Peruvian society. Hitchcock is followed by ‘pirañitas-gallinazos', piranha (fish) - Turkey vulture (bird); it is a symbolic name for groups of young people living in the streets of Lima assaulting pedestrians. During the course of the narration we see parallels and appropriations of Hitchcock‘s films: The Birds and Psicosis.


    Length: 4min 80 sec. Screening format: 35mm-Digital. Original format:Digital. Aspect ratio 4:3. Color Sound: stereo. Music: Soundtrack films of Alfred Hitchcock