Panoramas. Kröller-Müller-Museum, Otterlo. (2011)
  • Exhibition views
    Panoramas2011 Latex, oil in recycled plastic baskets, wood, metal. Variable dimensions.
  • Drawing
    Panoramas2010 Pencil, ink, crayon, watercolor, oil paint, glue, tape, system card on canvas. 127cmx177cm
  • The installation consists of one drawing plus four buckets; each bucket is placed on a wooden tower. The buckets, oil and wood are recycled. Variable dimensions 2mx4mx3m

    “Panoramas” (2011) In the same way that I had previously drawn and scratched on pitch-black strips of film now I draw landscapes of the Amazon rain forest on the black surfaces of leftover oil inside the buckets. Looking at the drawings, one inevitably first thinks of traditional techniques but my method of drawing is simple, just wiping away and drawing in the black oil. Using a small, round hole in a washtub, I offer to the viewer a panoramic, almost filmic vision of the landscape, magically transformed them into a looking box, a magic lantern. test


    Kröller Müller Museum-The Netherlands

    Charlottenborg Fonden-Denmark